Cantilever umbrella Royal


This shade is the result of ten years of experience and constantly updated know-how, combining creativity with customer requirements. It offers a large shaded area with no space restrictions below.

Unique features and sizes have made the Royal model a leader among side-arm umbrellas. Even at first sight, it expresses precise style parameters, combining respect for tradition with modern know-how.

Conceived for professional use, it may be adapted to various situations due to its easy open/close operations guaranteed by two winches.

Cantilever umbrella Royal

Outdoor umbrella Dehor

Discreet and elegant

This shade is an ideal combination of tradition and high-level technology, making it indispensable for any open space.

Designed for professional use, it has an original closing system that does not require removal of underlying furniture. The open-close mechanism uses a worm screw winch, especially designed and produced to match the dimensions of this model.

A perfect piece of equipment, it adapts to any environment, adding a touch of luxury.


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Patio umbrellas Poggesi

Is online the new english site.

Patio umbrellas manufacturer Poggesi

Aluminum patio umbrella

Aluminum umbrella Poggesi

LUSSO ALUMINUM:Style and technology

A perfect blend of style and technology content, this umbrella offers new, latest generation solutions to adapt to even the most demanding customer’s desire for both beauty and comfort.
Two winches allow easy turn and tilt to provide an easily oriented, wide surface coverage The raised anti-wind bellows enhances both its profile and function. Lusso Alluminio is also height-adjustable.
A product with top quality components, guaranteed to be long-lasting. It blends in perfectly with any open-air environment, certain to become an eye-catching feature.

Wooden umbrella Poggesi

Wooden patio umbrella and wooden garden umbrella.

LUSSO LEGNO – Prestige and elegance

A skilful combination of wood and aluminium, balanced by a wide range of colours, make this model a definite prestige decoration.

Two winches allow easy turn and tilt to provide an easily oriented, wide and flexible surface coverage. This model is height-adjustable. The anti-wind bellows enhances both its profile and function. The quality of its materials and its skilled construction place Lusso Legno among the quality and style leaders Perfect to embellish any open-air space, at the same time it guarantees absolute comfort.

JUNIOR LEGNO – Comfort and beauty

The invention and production of quality items without forgetting their history are the guidelines behind this umbrella. The blend of wood and aluminium, in pure Poggesi design and style, is the fundamental feature that makes Junior Legno a traditional product with new prestige.
Especially designed to provide shade yet take up minimum space, it enhances and decorates any area to render it elegant and comfortable.

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Garden umbrella stand Poggesi

Garden umbrella stand and patio umbrella stand

Iron and cement base

Bases for Side-arm and Magnum models
Ground-fixed tube for Side-Arm and Magnum models
Bases for models Relax
Magnum, Lusso Doppio, Royal, Lusso, Junior models

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Outdoor and garden gazebo

Gazebo and side walls

The need to cover increasingly larger spaces and especially to make open-air ‘smokers areas’ as useful as interiors ensures that outside spaces are considered more and more as an extended living space. Every Poggesi umbrella can be fitted with side walls produced in numerous ways to meet customer needs.

It is possible to connect different umbrella canopies by means of zipped or snap-hooked rain chutes so as to cover even the most extensive areas.

Large umbrellas

When shade is a must

This giant umbrella is a must for those needing to cover large areas. It combines consistence with beauty and becomes the unchallenged crowning jewel of every area it shelters.

Designed for professional use, it has an original closing system that does not require removal of underlying furniture.

State-of-the-art technology, top quality materials, the colour range and ground-fixing systems make it a sure and flexible choice, made to last.

Poggesi: the Italians large and giant umbrellas

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Garden & patio umbrellas

Ombrellificio Poggesi was founded in the mid-1960s when the entrepreneurial spirit of traditional craftsmen launched the production of umbrellas as rain shelters. In that boom in Italy, no longer agriculture-based but not yet industrial, when the local market was the real shopping centre, production rapidly changed from rain shelters to market stall umbrellas. The next step was to flank professional market production with garden umbrellas: the classic umbrella with wooden central pole and canopy in ecru cotton. From that moment on, Ombrellificio Poggesi developed its product range in terms of design, materials, function and style. Changing everyday needs which see the garden as an extension to living space have called for strong commitment, the result of constantly updated know-how in the design, production and patenting of technically astonishing, eye-catching side-arm umbrellas which in a very short time placed Ombrellificio Poggesi among the sector leaders

Garden umbrellas Poggesi

Welcome to Ombrellificio Poggesi

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